Is Dr David Boarder Giles The New Doctor Who?

Time Travelling, Stylish Cultural Anthropologists - Drs Who and Boarder Giles.

Our delightful guest, Dr David Boarder Giles is a cultural anthropologist, focusing on homelessness, poverty and the myth of scarcity in our affluent societies. As with any worthy subject, these topics could be heavy going, but through the eyes and voice of David, there is a real buzz of excitement and interest that will pique your curiosity about subjects such as squatting and dumpster diving. 

David is an inveterate dumpster diver; climbing into skips outside supermarkets and  restaurants, retrieving food that has been discarded for no other reason than it reaching a particular date on the packaging. 

His enthusiasm for dumpster diving has inspired us all at Figured Podcast so much that we can now be seen clambering in to supermarket skips in our local area. Life hack - wait until the supermarkets are closed before you try this for yourselves!   

David is also a dyed in the wool Doctor Who fan. As a young boy, he wanted to BE the Time Lord. As an adult, the Doctor informs not only his fashion sense, but his understanding of social and political institutions. Imagine his delight when he recognised the Doctor is in fact a time travelling cultural anthropologist. Talk about serendipity!!!

As a gesture of respect to the fascinating David, we gave him his very own Doctor Who scarf, even if only in JPEG form. We think Tom Baker would approve.

Listen here to Part 1 of this special 2 part podcast.