Season 2, Episode 9 - Anita Heiss

In this extended episode, Figured Podcast is in conversation with the author, poet, satirist and social commentator Dr Anita Heiss. We met at the Melbourne offices of the publishing house of Black Inc.

Anita states that she ‘grew up in a time where Australians believed they had the right to give you your identity but also take half of it away.’ But she also states eloquently that ‘no one can take away who we are. No one can take away our identity.’

Her passion is ‘working with young Aboriginal people around the country and teaching them how to write their own stories, in the hope they too will one day have the position of privilege to publish their own words.’

And perhaps too for future discourse not to be black and white, but a unification of cultures, ideals and dreams.

Anita Heiss